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About Us

“Providing Solutions”


A Letter from Our Partners    


On behalf of Encompass Energy Services, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our company.

We have developed this company to not just support your project requests, but to truly understand your overall need. Each client has their own set of expectations and standards by which they operate. It is our mission to collaborate with the client in identifying and recognizing those needs in order to determine the best approach in providing innovative, cost effective, quality service. This customized approach allows us to focus on being as effective and efficient as possible.


Our company has a well-rounded dedicated team of professionals who have the experience required to appreciate the challenges and opportunities that each of our projects present. Our safety plan and training is second to none with client specific requirements incorporated into all of our project orientation meetings, and reinforced during the life of the project. Combined, this employee experience and company support allows for a safe, cost effective solution to any project, large or small.


Extensive manpower resources, five primary office locations and our strategic partners allow us to service any of your project-based needs throughout the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada.


As we continue to move forward, it is our primary goal to offer the highest level of service through the incorporation of new technology. This will not only provide for better products to end users, but allow us to do so quicker and more cost effective than ever before. This forward thinking approach enables our clients to exceed the expectations they have not only set for us, but for themselves, putting their project ahead on both time and schedule.


Your interest in Encompass is both valued and appreciated. We are excited for the opportunity to show how our customized approach can make the difference for you.